Emergency Radio Communications For Preppers – After The SHTF

Preppers:   Emergency Radio Communications After The SHTF

When the SHTF and the Chaos comes, cell phones and the Internet may very well no longer be available.  It all depends on what kind of Chaos hits us at the time.

In those cases, you will need to already have other kinds of communications available and operational.  Just like many other commodities, “then” will be too late to find and buy the equipment you will need.

I have personally been a ham radio operator for fifty years and have seen a LOT of equipment during that time. However, I intend to leave all the techno-weenie stuff out of this information.  I want you prepared for the Chaos – not to teach you engineering.

However, the more you learn about this stuff, the better off you will be Post SHTF.  Plus, in a Don't Panic When The SHTFPost SHTF situation, your new technical radio communications may be a highly marketable skill that you can trade for luxuries like food, water and protection.

Two Kinds Of Radios When The SHTF

There are two kinds of radios:  Receive only radios like in your car – and two way radio communications such as CB and ham radio.  The two way communications kind of radio is usually referred to as a “transceiver”  as a combo of the words transmitter and receiver.

You will probably have a need for both kinds: a receiver and a transceiver.

When it comes to radio communications, there is a mind numbing selection.

I have already combed though a lot of what is currently out there – and have tried to list a mix of five to ten different kinds of radios for your consideration.  I also picked radios specifically on Amazon so that you could depend on them to deliver what you ordered and their great customer service in case of any problems.

Below are two radio lists: Inexpensive and better quality.  The better quality ones are mostly ham radios that have a lot more features and a much better build quality.

The radios listed in that section require a ham radio license to legally operate in transmit mode unless it is an emergency.  No license is required just for receiving.

Prepper Radios – What You Need To Get

The purpose of this page is to help you quickly sort out the kinds of radio and other emergency communications stuff you really need – including all the bits and pieces, like antennas, that you also need to get so it all actually works after the SHTF .

Then, the last part:  how to learn how to use this stuff now – so you won’t go searching for the “on” switch AFTER the SHTF!

“Now” is the operative word for a lot of prepper issues.  Because most of you won’t know this stuff yet, I strongly recommend that you make your radio communications one of your top prepper priorities.

Below are some links to SHTF radios I’ve reviewed – some I recommend – and some I do not recommend for emergency radios for preppers.  Read the quick summary and click on the photo on each page for more information and current pricing.

Figure out which ones are best for your family and your budget and order them. Even if, right here and right now, you can only afford a small receive-only emergency radio, at least get that – and add to it as you can afford it.

Just remember, you might consider getting more than one transceiver  in order to stay in contact with your family or to keep in your vehicles and go bags.

Better Prepper Radios – Ham Radio Equipment

The following are some of the ham radios that are sold on Amazon.  As I mentioned earlier, these usually have a lot more features and benefits – and a much more durable build quality.


Also, below, I’ve included links for some books that show how easy it is to get a ham license now.

Seriously consider getting your ham license now – so you are trained on how to operate, how to properly construct an effective antenna and how to operate with stealth.  Get the books.  Type “ham radio” into YouTube.   Start accumulating and using your communications gear – and get at least one radio in your “Go Bag.”

When it has already hit the fan, is not the time to learn this stuff! Be prepared now!



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