Nice Constitutional Rights photos

A few interesting Constitutional Rights images I found:

Witness Against Torture: Vince Warren

Image by Shrieking Tree
Fast for Justice – Day 9: Vince Warren, Executive Director for Center for Constitutional Rights, speaks out at the rally in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

DC Vigil For Delegation Of Grieving Mothers 6

Image by Stephen D. Melkisethian
Washington DC, Wednesday December 10, 2014. Around 200 social justice activists assembled at the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance to the US Department Of Justice in a Vigil For Delegation Of Grieving Mothers who’ve lost sons to police violence. Many of the women spoke movingly about the loss of their sons and of their experience seeking but not finding justice. The event was hosted by Mothers Against Police Brutality, CODEPINK, National Congress Of Black Women and Hands Up DC Coalition. The killing of Trayvon Martin by jury acquitted cop wannabe George Zimmerman and the failure by grand juries to indict the white police officers who killed unarmed African Americans Michael Brown and Eric Garner have reenergized the movement against police brutality. Many of the women present here tonight have been working on this issue for decades.

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