UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move #OccupyUC protesters

share save 171 16 UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move  #OccupyUC protesters

http://12160.info/ – Uploaded by Russia Today – The man in the video is Lt. John Pike. japikeiii@ucdavis.edu California Cops driven away by #OccupyUC Davis P…

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share save 171 16 UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move  #OccupyUC protesters

24 comments to UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike uses pepper spray to move #OccupyUC protesters

  • r3conwoo

    This is when you start shooting the police. 

  • Uzumaki Nagato

    That is the system of this world we live in! He is and police officer=the
    law= he is pretending to be a police officier! Like a teacher has the job
    to be pretending to be a teacher! He sprayed those people with pepper spray
    because it was his job , the boss told him to do it and he did it! He did
    his job , he pretended to be a police officer! And now PLEASE … tell me
    how our world is normal , and how everything is fine and how the system we
    live in is normal: “democracy , sociality , the law , etc.” This is how the
    NWO looks like , just in a harmless way! And how the fuck can you tell
    people like me that we are “conspiracy theorists” , when you can see things
    like this?! How do some of you people explain things like this!?

  • Ricky Olano

    *China Reaction Heard*

    Sadly the United States is no longer looked up to as a shining example of a
    country where you can find real democracy and freedoms. As this reaction
    from China reveals:

    The notion that police in the U.S. would respond in such a way to a
    peaceful protest has proven disappointing to many in China, with one
    blogger warning: “Don’t entertain any illusions about the United States –
    if we want change to the current situation, we have to rely on ourselves.”

    It is something we definitely must ponder. As one of the youngest countries
    in the world; we were once revered as a bastion of democracy and freedoms.
    But somewhere in our short history, we started shedding democracy and
    freedom for the sake of consumerism.

    Our mighty nation once known for its manufacturing might of quality goods
    sold around the world has now become the largest consumerist nation. And it
    has come at a heavy cost. One of corruption throughout our political
    leadership, carried about through lobbyists who backed by their
    multimillion dollar gifts of persuasion, seek to continually pursue laws
    and propaganda that help make them richer while the middle class on down
    become ever poorer.

    *Case in Point:*
    The 99% in the USA have become sheeple. While financial institutions mimic
    each other’s penchant for financial excess at the peril of the people at
    large, consumerists mimic what they see in the news by public servants:

    BOSTON (MarketWatch) — Police are searching for a woman who pepper-sprayed
    shoppers at a Los Angeles-area Wal-Mart store late Thursday in what they
    have termed an incidence of “shopping rage,” the L.A. Times reported early
    Friday. About 20 customers were reportedly injured in the attack, which
    took place at approximately 10:10 p.m. PCT at a Wal-Mart store in Porter
    Ranch. Authorities said the woman sprayed fellow customers in an attempt to
    gain better access to holiday-sale merchandise.

  • Ben Jakubowski

    how does this fuck live with himself?
    better yet, how did he get 38 thousand in comp? to the people that say he
    didn’t use enough pepper spray: THIS WAS A PEACEFUL PROTEST. THIS BASTARD

  • Milbit w

    what were they protesting?

  • lunabar13

    @agasparia no the hippies where brave and then they got there gay ass
    pepper sprayed but the free thing no we don’t have that

  • USMCbrett

    I think loosers who sit around an accomplish nothing and call themselves
    protesters deserved to get pepper sprayed

  • L4zyN1nja

    I dont think Lt. Pike used enough pepper spray.

  • never4getthis

    I just want to puch that police man in the face. I hope he goes into a
    mental depression after what he did

  • Claireafaye

    Well done, may he never have a moment’s peace. He’s demented.

  • 19Jones91

    What a fucking stupid fat pig.

  • dizriz425

    @erntemashine to find the solution to a problem you must first know there
    is a problem. To many this is a problem that has only been in existence for
    a few months.

  • Claireafaye

    Is he in prison yet? Dirty filthy ugly thug.

  • HeavyMetalPootis

    LT John Pike is the king of trolls. We salute you. lol.

  • sarahcanary

    you are a fucking douche bag

  • 85bermudez

    i like cops but those fuckers are fucked up

  • Dale Green

    After seeing that fat cop i want to play angry birds

  • youlovelamp

    I’m loving the knee-jerk hate comments lmao. Maybe if you guys say fuck a
    few more times you’ll win me over!

  • Actual Venusaur

    students, lol

  • jaco coja

    fuck you protesters!!! u bother 99.99% of the population so go away!!! good
    job lt john! english are proud of you, u did ur job dude!

  • 1804509

    @gamerfry nobody can go on private property without permission, you cant
    compare the two. there is a big difference camping in front of a building
    to protest and camping in your back yard

  • Garen Powers

    @jackiscrub Thats funny, because the very thing these people are fighting
    for is equality.

  • SalemLongboards

    I get why people would be mad. As americans, we do have the freedom to
    assembly. But when you block off walkways and authorities ask you to move,
    you need to move.

  • ultimate4productions

    i prank called him lol!

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