Ultimate Survival and Emergency Radio

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Dynamo and Solar powered radio, short wave, NOAA channel, charges your cell phone. Check out the radio here: http://goo.gl/vSfr2A.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ambient Weather: Adventurer Emergency Radio (WR-111B) A neat radio with exactly the features I’ve been looking for in a fun-sized package.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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31 comments to Ultimate Survival and Emergency Radio

  • icurnet

    My KA-500 stinks, bad manual and solar charging not reliable. Charge that
    battery using ext power, see how long it lasts…

  • Deputy Prepper

    I have one of these radios, works great for me where i live.

  • SomeDude

    solarlink vs the voyager.. which 1 should i get .. any suggestion ?

  • Danielle Lightman

    what good is the short wave in the usa ? it should have the vhf and uhf
    emergency band

  • bear123

    After reading the comments below I need to say the Eton FR600 is just a
    complicated radio that people have complained about a lot and Tecsun PL-660
    has terrible MW reception for the high price tag price. Read the reviews
    and user experiences around the web like Amazon.com, and other radio
    specific review sites for radios before listening to people on here… I
    own 2 Sony FM MW SW radios, also a Sangean AM FM and they all have good and
    bad things about each. The Ready Store should be selling the DEGEN DE13 for
    a cheap alternative amazing radio. It does not have NOAA but the FM MW SW
    reception is nothing short of amazing for a small cheap survival/camping
    radio and most of the other features are great like cell phone charging,
    solar charging, crank charging, dual battery bays, siren, flashlight, for
    $30. This is a well rated radio by many many people. This little radio
    pulls in stations as well and better than some radios I’ve owned. Do your
    homework people! Buy something good!

  • Bruce Forster

    What a wonderful demonstration for your average EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD!
    But these are probably geared for your average OBAMA voter!

  • Matthew Tingley

    i need a free radio

  • 2632jibaro

    No were as good as the Eton Fr600 by Eton solar power radio has digital
    tunner short wave Fm Am NOAA weather 4 led flash light so much more…..

  • the lockness monster

    Do you have Amy that are manufactured in the USA?

  • Crafty Kraut

    The Tuscan 660 has multple shortwave bands, aircraft band, AM/FM, has built
    in charger for rechargable AA batteries or you can use Alkaline AA
    batteries. It has a very good receiver and for around $100, is the best
    emergency radio around. K5ATZ

  • 1marcelfilms

    i guess if you keep the batteries out of it it wont damage when under water

  • McCald3r

    the pitboy prototype

  • Dean Cheevers

    Great Video, thx for upload.

  • paul37421

    Yes it does looks cheap. Also if you going to do a review you need to learn
    more about the radio and how it work.

  • MissMurderMonica

    how loud does it go? 

  • PraetorianVigiles


  • StowellSample

    looks like you got yourself a great deal

  • Mar1ofreal

    Does it go off if per say a tornado warning was issued over the NOAA

  • Glockgeist

    thank you

  • TheSenator357

    top o the mornin’ GlockGeist! Sweet radio!

  • SnakeStrike77

    Great overview. I have one of these on my wish list. have you had a chance
    to test it out? How did it work?

  • Shelly Sapp

    I have that exact same one. It works great!

  • Glock Brothers

    I dont have a survival radio yet. Pretty good option.

  • Glockgeist

    no. it has to be turned on to do that. wish it did though

  • Glockgeist

    so far it works great

  • SkoalMan456

    I need to get me one of them

  • treesablowin

    Great looking radio. Thanks for sharing

  • metalmichael13

    i am going to replace the battery on mine . I got it last November . the
    radio has better reception then my sony stereo .

  • Glockgeist

    thank you, sir.

  • MadDogXDM

    Glad you like it

  • Glockgeist

    It’s worth it for the perks like the hand crank to recharge your cell
    phone. Especially useful if you have an extended power outage. And you can
    never have enough lighting.

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